Brightest Daycare

Welcome to the Comics With Your Mom Podcast - an occasional podcast brought to you by me: Brightest Daycare!

I wanted to start a book club style segment to include in my main podcast, but trying to read new graphic novels, collected editions or whole story arcs along with my single issues EVERY WEEK is an extremely daunting task. Although, to look at my pull list, every week is daunting... So, I needed something different to use as a platform for my book club. Nobody would want to just hear me, by myself, talking about more than I already talk about in my weekly reviews - I needed to offer something unique.

And then, it came to me: just like my blog name was randomly thought up, I plucked something out of my brain and voila! Comics With Your Mom was born.

So, I decided that instead of a weekly "book club segment" I would pick an arbitrary number out of thin air (that number is currently "5") and every five weeks, I would sit down and conduct an interview with someone's mom, and then add it in to my regular podcast as a nice supplement, but I will also make it available on it's own. That's what this page is for: those discerning individuals who would rather skip my discussions on weekly books and news, but just want to hear me talk one-on-one about a certain "evergreen" story.

Each episode I sit down across the table (or on the other end of a phone line) from a mom, and we will talk about a certain graphic novel, or collected edition or story arc. Every mom will have different tastes in books and comics. For instance, one episode may feature a woman who reads 3 books a week, but has never read a comic book! Another mother may read comics like I do! That's what makes this podcast so intriguing and makes the possibilities endless!

Follow the "Read More" link below to see the "essentials" list of books I have selected as the baseline for this book club. However, please note that nothing is "off-limits" here. If there is a book you think we should read and discuss - let me know!

Along with the Comics With Your Mom Reading List, the link below will provide an archive for all previously recorded episodes. Each bulletpoint on the list will become a hyperlink to the recording and include the date and name my interviewee for your reference.

If you want to have Comics With Your Mom available as a standalone podcast on iTunes, please let me know... And if you're a mom who would like to read and discuss comics with me, also let me know!