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Kickstarter Exclusive Cinema Purgatorio #1 Review

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 Cinema Purgatorio #1 Kickstarter cover by Kevin O'Neill

Cinema Purgatorio #1 Kickstarter cover by Kevin O'Neill

Cinema Purgatorio Kickstarter exclusive edition (Alan Moore, Kivin O’Neill, Garth Ennis, Raulo Caceres, Kieron Gillen, Ignacio Calero, Max Brooks, Michael Dipascale, Chritos Gage, Gabriel Andrade and Kurt Hathaway) Avatar Press

I wasn’t sure when I would be getting this book, but earlier this week, I got the tracking information for my package, and played the waiting game. Then yesterday, it came!

This book has been one I’ve looked forward to for quite some time. I love alan moore and kevin o’neill’s work on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, plus most of the other creators on this book are pretty big names, or at least recognizable as Avatar creators. But this book has four short stories, and a photo gallery at the back, an exclusive cover for Kickstarter backers (that’s ME!!!) and kicks off a new anthology series for Avatar.

To be honest, the first chapter of the Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill was probably my least favorite of all the stories of this book, which isn’t all that condemning, because I still really loved this book. I thought that it was an interesting choice to add in The Vast- which is a giant monster vs soldiers story, even though the art on that is GORGEOUS… Gabriel Andrade outdid himself there. And the Code Pru story was actually quite good, and nowhere near as hamfisted or awkwardly sexualized (even though there was still a blunt an unnecessary sexual moment I could have done without) but it works really well with those previous two issues of Code Pru Avatar put out already.

 A More Perfect Union is written by Max Brooks, of World War Z fame, doing some alternate history set during the American Civil War. That story surprised me quite a bit, because I haven’t been much for reading historical fiction in many, many years, but this story seems quite intriguing. The chapter that stuck out to me most was Modded, by Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero. This story reads like some dystopian monstrous future Pokemon world, but instead of cutesy monsters, we get modified demonic creatures of some sort. It is a bit hazy on the details, but the concept is solid and the art is phenomenal. When they poke-demon-battle, and the baddie summons Levithane (levvy-thayne?) I had to stop and just pour over that page, because it was just so damn pretty.

This issue will hit stores for the general public in May, I believe, and will probably be available on the secondary market starting soon, since I got my book within 3 days of them shipping it, and that I am not even 2 hours drive from the Avatar Press headquarters in Rantoul, IL.

Rating: 9 out of 10