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Clean Room #6 Review

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 Clean Room #6 cover by Jenny Frison

Clean Room #6 cover by Jenny Frison

This book closes out it’s first arc on a pretty high note, but I could have done for a bit more closure from this issue. I loved the fight sequence, and seeing Chloe really come into her own when she struggles to find her mental footing through the first five issues. That, coupled with some gorgeous and grotesque artwork, and some big reveals, PLUS some teases of reveals yet to come (maybe???) make this a great pivot point for the story, and opens the world of Clean Room up in a really big, and really frightening way.

I loved that we got some answers as to what happened to Chloe’s husband, and we even got Astrid Mueller to give a bit of straightforward exposition of what happened to her in the beginning of the series. We still don’t have any real clue as to what these things are, except MAJOR bad news, but Clean Room doesn’t languish over it’s mysteries, though many of the characters seem to languish in their own personal hell.

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I have said before just how much I LOVE the covers of this series, and how I LOVE the cover artist Jenny Frison, because her work is just so nuanced and detailed, while having a very easy way about it so that you can glance at it and appreciate it, but could spend quite a long time pouring over it and seeing lots of small things, tiny details, that passed you by on first glance.

The same could be said for the interior artwork- it is the kind of thing that almost always bears a second reading, even if that may be difficult, considering some of this book’s material. But this series is just great, it started well, it has built up quite a bit of momentum thus far and is really doing quite a good job at giving little to nothing away- is this thing being shopped around for movies or TV, because it feels a lot like the way we are teased with the reveal of Outcast, and how there hasn’t been a straight answer about what the infected/afflicted/possessed actually are, or where they come from.

This is a really good book, and this is a really solid issue, and I cannot wait for the next arc, and to see what kind of gross, disturbing stuff that Gail and Jon can procure for us going forward…

Rating: 8 out of 10