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Another Castle #1 Review

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 Another Castle #1 cover by Paulina Ganucheau

Another Castle #1 cover by Paulina Ganucheau

This was a book that I was definitely going to check out, but I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to be as excited by it as I was. I love Paulina Ganucheau’s artwork, her work on Zodiac Starforce was quite impeccable, but Andrew Wheeler is an altogether unknown entity as a writer. He worked on the Marvel 75th anniversary special (which I did not read) so I didn’t really know what he is capable of, before I read this issue. But I love this story.

I don’t know how I really feel about the main character, but she doesn’t seem to be the focus of the story so far- we get a lot more on the secondary characters, and the world that they inhabit, rather than focus too much on the damsel NOT in distress, who can save her own dang self if she so chooses. Which is an idea that I love, she’s no princess trapped in a castle, waiting on a fat, mustachioed plumber in overalls to pounce on turtles and mushrooms and save her. Giving the female character her own agency is a decision that isn’t often made in pop culture, and I was interested to see how it would play out in this book.

This is a book I think that would, as long as the content doesn’t skew any more adult going forward, be good reading for young female readers, because it is so very different than the typical story where Superman saves a woman from the bad guy and flies her around while she swoons over him (okay, so that’s a really outdated reference to the character- but you get what I’m saying). I like that the woman takes charge, and the guy seems to be a bit of a bumbling (albeit good-intentioned) fool.

I thought that the reveal of the second, former castle, and explaining what happened to the kingdom, and Misty being able to empathize and understand her position (and to know what happened to her mother, and I’m sure se will have to process THAT reveal in future issues) really shows that she is as strong emotionally as she is physically.

The reveal of the “bad guy” of this story was something beyond what I was expecting- because instead of the “typical” hulking brute with horns and scales who seems to have zero charisma and all strength and anger- we get a more easy-to-digest baddie, even though he does have a bit of scaly look to him, and muscles, AND a jagged skeletal-monster mouth… he just seems a bit less despicable of a bad guy than what I was expecting. He is less The Purple Man from Jessica Jones, and more like The Punisher.

This story seems to have a lot of weight behind it, and the world it is set in feels REALLY huge. I am wondering where things go from here, and I am very hopeful they will go in a positive direction. If you want something to appeal to a different sensibility of comic reader, or what to get someone who is a less traditional comic book reader (i.e.- young, female readers) then this is the book for you!

Rating: 9 out of 10