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Spider-Woman #4 Review

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 Spider-Woman #4 cover by Javier Rodriguez

Spider-Woman #4 cover by Javier Rodriguez

This new Spider-Woman book was something that I wasn’t really aware of before the first issue. But when issue one came out, I thought that it would be fun to read and Jessica Drew seems like a character that is really interesting and unique. Plus, when you add in the fact that she is also currently pregnant (LIKE SUPER PREGNANT) it makes for a really intense story. This arc has gone a way that I definitely didn’t expect, and this issue serves as a nice final chapter to the first arc, but that things are still really going to be tough fro Jessica and her new baby.

I really like the look of this book- some of the fight scenes in this issue could hold their own against any other books out there. I love the giant splash page where Jessica is working her way through a whole battalion of Skrulls, with some really awesome and dynamic character positioning. I love the colors in this issue as well, because the Skrulls are wearing what look like neon Tron-esque bodysuits, Jessica’s weapon has some great chunky onomotopea, and seeing Jessica take a bite out of some Skrulls face- PRICELESS! This story was really fun, and also took a lot of strange turns. It started out with Jessica being pregnant, and trying to step back from being a superhero while she prepares to give birth. Then she takes an offer from Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) to go to an Alpha Flight hospital where she can get some high-quality intergalactic healthcare. Then while there, Jessica is trapped in a maternity ward when Skrulls take the hospital by force, trying to kidnap a young Skrull prince. THE KICKER of this moment, is that this hospital isn’t just in some building on earth, or just on a spaceship somewhere… NO- the hospital is in deep space, and the Skrulls closed all portals to enter the hospital.

I loved how Jessica and Dirk (the Skrull prince) got on as fast friends in this issue, and seeing how Dirk had a real personality was a nice choice, because he could have just as easily been a rather wooden character, but I like that he was resourceful and charismatic. Captain Marvel was really an interesting addition to the story, and the page with the nine panel grid with five of the panels showing a close-up of Carol’s angry face, and the other four showing her head on, from behind, and her VERY grumpy face. Not really spoilers, since you see it on the cover of issue five, but Jessica gives birth this issue, and it was in the craziest thing I had read in a while. I loved how Jessica wanted to get herself stitched up after the emergency C-section so that she could drop the hammer on the invading Skrulls.

This book is actually really interesting, and has become another book where Marvel seems to have figured out exactly what to do to bring these secondary characters into prominence and give them a really solid standalone title. Before I started reading this book, I kept confusing Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew, because Jessica is a rather common name, and because I never read Alias OR Spider-Woman, except for a few appearances in the different team and event books. I think that as of this point, though, I will finally be able to keep them separated. This book seems to set itself up for further craziness for Jessica Drew, because not only is she Spider-Woman, but she is a mom- so that’s TWO types of coco-banana-bonkers stuff to take over someone’s life.

Maybe this book makes a bigger impression for me as a parent, and seeing the child for the first time in this book hits an emotional moment for me I wasn’t expecting. I think that this book could and should be really engaging and dynamic bit of reading for someone looking for a superhero book that is a different type of story than just a punchfight superhero book. I really hope that this title will continue the strange and unique way that it tells a superhero story, because I really like this book a lot, and I think people could really enjoy this book.

I have been picking up some of the different Spider family of books from Marvel lately, and this book is really one of the best Spider-people titles out there right now. I have enjoyed the main Spider-Man book, but this book is able to do it’s own thing a bit more, and really go further out into the weeds of the Marvel Universe and do something more “out there”. This arc has been about as far out there as I think a Spider family book can be, without incorporating some 2099-esque time travel. I really enjoy this book and hope a lot more people will be jumping on-board this title.

Rating: 9 out of 10