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Black Knight #4 Review

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 Black Knight #4 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Black Knight #4 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

It is quite a shame that this book is ending, because with this fourth issue, we got a lot of big things to process, and we only have one more issue to resolve this whole thing. I am hopeful that this is not the end for Black Knight, and that we will see more big things from the wielder of the Ebony Blade and his former teammates (and maybe soon-to-be once again teammates) the Avengers Unity Squad. I love the creative team on this book, and I would like to see them come back together on a new book, and sooner rather than later.

I think that this book is just a bit too different for the general comic book reading population to take a chance on (what was for me) an almost completely unknown character. The Black Knight has been interacting with Deadpool for these last few issues, but that doesn’t mean that most people will go out and just pick up any book with the slightest mention of the Merc with a Mouth.

I think the artwork on this book is really solid, and Frank Tieri’s writing is great in this book. In this issue you really start to feel for Dane Whitman, and you really see that he instills some sort of pride in the people who follow him here on Weirdworld. So even if he is some sort of demon-possessed blade-wielding nutjob who found himself transported to a foreign planet and rallied a large group of people to his side to become leader of an entire region of that planet- well, he is still a good leader. And from what we learned in this issue, he is a much better leader than the people who were in charge before him.

I liked the way Dane talked with his murder-y ghost of a past Black Knight, Percy, talked in the opening scene, and I liked the visuals of Dane talking to Rebecca Stevens and how they were on opposite sides of a cell door, and seeing Dane slump to the ground as he talks to Rebecca- Also seeing how that scene was interrupted was a neat change of pace for this book, and it helped to drive home the concept that Dane is a good leader, and that the men (and women) that follow him, do so with no small amount of respect.

I liked seeing Dane’s Shield, Commander Bolten, taking things upon himself to try and level the playing field against the Avengers who came to Weirdworld (again- I don’t think people can really “go” to Weirdworld of their own volition…) to apprehend Black Knight and take his sword- with the way this issue ends, I have a feeling that the thing that Bolton found, that seemed to produce quite a lot of Earthly weaponry will be the way that they get back to Earth to undo the damage done because someone other than Dane is wielding the Ebony Blade. I like the way the covers of this book have looked, and the cover of issue five really lays it all out on the table for what the final story will be about. Not really a spoiler, but still **SPOILERS** Steve Rodgers gets possessed with the bloodlust of the Ebony Blade, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Dane Whitman will have to step in and take back what is rightfully his!

I didn’t really know what to expect from a book like this, with such a short run, and with the announcement coming quite a bit ahead of the last issue- because with the Ultimate FF book, that thing went fast and far off the rails before it ended. So, here is hoping that this book does a lot more good before it ends- because I would like to see the Black Knight land a new home on a team somewhere soon. Dane Whitman seems to be a rather interesting character, and he has quite a bit of depth to him in this book- I just hope that the swordsman who talks to ghosts doesn’t go the same way as Katana at DC, because that would be quite a sad, ignominious defeat for a great and noble warrior.

Rating: 8 out of 10