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Vixen Season 2 Episode 2 Review

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Episode two is a shorter offering than expected, but since I've fallen behind in my reviewing of these episodes (partially because this episode didn't actually come out when expected) I'll take it! This chapter of the story is a short one, yes- but it offers up a lot of action, and solid visuals, plus we see more of the big bad for season two.

The episode opens with Mari in the hospital after the fallout from the end of episode one. She promises to stick to her street level crime fighting to her father, but I think we ALL KNOW, that will not actually be the case. I really like the interactions she has with her father in this show, mostly because it feels so real, so honest. i like that her dad, even though he knows Mari's personality, and her need to use her powers to help people, still tries to convince her to stay out of harms way- to give fashion design as a career path another chance. It seems like what I would do if MY kid were to find an ancient talisman that gave him the power to become an animal-powered avatar for good.

Then we see Mari chasing down leads as to the whereabouts of the stolen jewels from last episode, which gives us a chance to see more, new animal powers for Mari. I really wish we could have seen more from the snake- that is a power I'm sure comes in VERY handy in the urban landscape (as it did in this episode) but we don't get a great view of her snake-powered self, so I will have to wait and hope for more in the future.

Then we see a guy who looks an AWFUL lot like Dr. Strange giving our big bad his stolen jewels, and a nice attempt of cutting off some PG-13 language 85% the way through the word. Which is where this episode confused me. I understand that this is a digital platform, and the "rules" and "ratings" are much more flexible than on network television, but do we really need to have someone try and call someone else an A-hole, only to be choked off at the last minute? It's like when i just re-watched Rookie of the Year, and they drop a four letter word in a PG kids baseball movie. like, WHAT!?!? Okay, enough of that tangent.

 The face of concern...

The face of concern...

The end of the episode teases big things coming in the confrontation between Mari and our big bad. Mostly because the Big Bad mentions Mari's mother, which leaves her in a pained and stunned silence. I am very intrigued by where this season is headed, and if things keep up the frantic pace for the slower episodes, i think it will work out just fine. just, maybe, cut down on the language, because without a true ratings system, and an open-access portal for viewing this content, it kind of skews this show AWAY from a younger audience who, I would think, would be the main draw for this sort of thing, since it is free, and open availability content involving DC Super Heroes and connects directly to the DC/CW TV Universe.

Overall, this was a decent episode, just a few moments felt a bit unnecessary or clunky, but still a good, brief outing for Mari and company.

Rating: 7 out of 10