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Cry Havoc #1 Review

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 Cry Havoc #1 cover by Cameron Stewart

Cry Havoc #1 cover by Cameron Stewart

This book was one (of many) that I wasn’t fully committed to picking up when I walked into the shop on Wednesday. I have my set pull list, and a few other issues that I am usually on the fence about, but this was one that I just wasn’t 100% sold on. I have seen the ads in the back of other Image books, but I just didn’t really feel DRAWN to the book. That is, until I saw it on the shelf. I flipped through it, and decided then and there that I needed to read it; so I did.

I know that the tagline from those ads is “It’s not about a lesbian werewolf going to war. Except it kind of is.” So with that pretty silly conceit up top, it was hard for me to think that the book was going to be something I would be excited to read. But the artwork is really stellar.

The story jumps around a lot, so the look of the book changes tones from each one of these times. The book is well written, and the (I guess you could call it a twist) twist ending/cliffhanger leaves a lot of the infodump scenes for the next issue, or two.

The book focuses a lot less on the whole lesbian werewolf thing, which as I said, is a pretty silly basis for a book, and seems to focus more on the “going to war” side. Which isn’t really a war, it is more of an internal struggle, categorized as a “war”. Which I liked to see; I think the main character Lou is fairly charismatic, and her affinity for music makes for some visual storytelling elements that feel very unique to the story.

The werewolf flashbacks are really beautifully executed, giving the scenes a bit of a magic quality to them, I assume because they are being remembered through the lens of Lou’s memory. The idea that Lou is a lesbian doesn’t really play into the actual execution of the story much, except in the longwinded monologue that Lou’s girlfriend gives about hyenas and how the females can give themselves false male genitals.

Which was weird, and otherwise untouched upon in the story; So, im not entire sure why we had to sit through the biology lesson on hyena mating and their weird sex organs. I enjoyed how the story looped back around at the end to touch upon the prologue scene, and how that will lead us directly into (what I assume what will be) the bulk of next issue’s story.

The art and writing on this book were solid, but the time jumps made things a bit shaky for me, and the “hyena’s and their junk” storyteller moment really threw me for a loop. I liked the cover art (and the variant cover by Cameron Stewart as well- the one I picked up) and I enjoyed the bulk of the story- but it just didn’t really draw me in. It was a solid first issue, but I just feel like this book missed the mark. More to the point, I just think this book is not for me. It was good, but after this first issue, I think that will be all for me, and I shall cry havoc no more…

Rating: 7 out of 10