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Captain Marvel #1 (2016) Review

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 Captain Marvel #1 cover by Kris Anka

Captain Marvel #1 cover by Kris Anka

oming into this book with the writing changing hands away from Kelly Sue DeConnick was a big hurdle to overcome, but I think that the story changes enough to set itself apart from what has come before, and even goes quite a long way to bring some newly revamped characters from the Marvel Universe into the fore. I think that this book should appeal to a wide range of readers, and could (hopefully) be yet another notch in Marvel’s belt in the realm of books geared towards younger and female readers.

This issue gives Captain Marvel a nice reboot from what came before- changing scenery, and giving Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) a new set of problems, team members and a big final page reveal that should mean a lot of questions will be answered in the course of this story. I have always liked the look of Captain Marvel- the red, gold and blue suit, and the short haircut really make for an imposing and almost severe look for someone to fly around and put the boots to the baddies.

I liked the inclusion of Carol into the “training” of Alpha Flight soldiers, and working with Abigail Brand, who I remember beingapart of the SWORD strikeforce that teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy a while ago in a book that i mostly enjoyed for the artwork. SO I didn’t have a huge amount of background information on Abigail, but I like that she is a bit more gruff and no-nonsense in this issue, to the more carefree (and very Katee Sackoff-esque Starbuck analogue) Captain Marvel.

War Machine, aka- Colonel Rhodes, gives some good grounding to Carol Danvers and her connections to Earth, and helps to drive home the fact that she is leaving Earth for a long tour of duty in space, but because she can fly, she could return to Earth to visit easily. I liked that there was some camaraderie (or flirtation) between Rhodey and Carol, and that I hoped to see War Machine get a bigger role in this book in the future (especially with the big reveal at the end). I like that the characters of Alpha Flight are getting a bit of a reboot in this series, seeing some old faces (for me anyway, old Alpha Flight was my jam as a kid) in a more modern and updated setting was really cool. Speaking of the Guardians of the Galaxy- we even get a brief cameo from Rocket Raccoon, which was a nice, and a good bit of straightforward humor between two pretty goofy characters.

The artwork in this book was really solid- I loved the look of all the big asteroid chunks while Carol and Alpha Flight were taking them down- and the colors in this book really make it pop. I really liked the expressive faces of all the characters, and how there was a good bond between Alpha Flight and Captain Marvel pretty much immediately, but that it didn’t feel TOO forced for them to have become fast friends, being that they were set to spend two years together.

This book feels like a pretty easily accessible first issue for new Captain Marvel readers, and I think that quite a lot of people could find something to like in this story. I enjoyed the art, and I thought that the cliffhanger ending was a nice touch to really help bring readers back again next month. I will definitely be back to check out this book again.

Rating: 8 out of 10