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Vixen Episode 3 Recap

TV recapRyan ClarkComment

So here we are, back on a Tuesday to talk about the CW Seed’s “Vixen”. This episode has a bit more substance than I was expecting coming into it, and I really liked the way this episode ended up being a bit of a wraparound for the first episode as well. I hope that we have left some of the lazy writing from the first two episodes behind- there was no sign of a lame sexual humor or pun-based joke in this episode.

Though there WAS a reference to “needing a drink” which seemed okay, not great though- I think that this show needs to get some more laser focused direction (both in front of and behind the screen). Because I liked seeing The Flash back on screen for this episode, and LOVED seeing Cisco- but I did really feel like Grant Gustin’s voiceover work was pretty wooden. Maybe he just isn’t as experienced with this type of acting- or maybe he just doesn’t have the coaching from the director that he needs, whatever it is- he felt very stiff and lifeless.


Speaking of lifeless, Stephen Amell’s time in the studio must have been all of seven seconds long, because in this episode he has literally ONE line, and it wasn’t even necessarily the best Arrow line… “she moves fast” could have been something Mari’s dad said, or a random passerby- it didn’t really feel NECESSARY to be said by Arrow in that moment, but I am glad that Amell was actually INVOLVED in this episode (even if it was on such a minor level).


The visuals of Mari (aka- Vixen)’s powers for this episode were really interesting. I liked seeing the animal take shape, almost like a patronus, before she was imbued with their powers. I liked the idea that her father is most skeptical of this necklace situation, and that his idea of Mari’s endgame was a “cape and a mask”. But it really hit home when Mari (the foster child without any details on who her parents were or where they came from) thinks that the necklace could lead her to the answers she has sought her entire life.


The episode had a lot of action, and solid visuals, plus nice humanizing moments for both Mari and her dad AND for Cisco and Barry. I hope that we will see more of Arrow’s personality come through soon, and we do know that, even if she hasn’t set foot onscreen yet, Felicity STILL shows up in the credits.

This show has been interesting to see so far. I think that if I were to go back and watch all three of the first episodes as one continuous story, that things would flow better, and in the scope of a nearly 20 minute episode, those two minor issues I have had before would be swept along in the story as a whole.

This show has definitely been worth watching, so if you are on the fence about spending 5-6 minutes, once a week to watch a new show featuring some popular superheroes and a lesser-known hero (and I’m hoping MORE lesser known characters show up soon, too) then this show is definitely worth the price of admission… (that price being FREE)