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Vixen Episode 5 Recap

TV recapRyan ClarkComment

So- Vixen took off in a completely different direction after last week’s cliffhanger. I wasn’t sure what to expect this week, because I was still thinking that Flash and Arrow would play more crucial parts in the formation of this character- but, I think it is safe to say, that Mari has gone places that Flash and Arrow wont be following.

I liked the flow of this episode a lot, and thought that the writing felt- for the most part, to be rather well rounded. There were moments of humor that made the story feel more “human”- which I always appreciate. Most importantly, though, is the fact that we didn’t have any hacky jokes or any randomly sexual moments that felt so out of place before. There was the callous tossing out of the word “ass” which seemed unnecessary, but if you can get away with it on network TV, I guess it can fly here too…

The look of this episode was really what set it apart for me- we finally see the villainess in more detail in this episode, and get to hear Jada Pinkett-Smith’s take on the character at length. We learn a lot more about her (and Mari) though I don’t think we have actually been told what her name is. Which is irrelevant as of this point, because **SPOILERS** she’s Mari’s sister. I enjoyed the look and feel of the flashback scene- even though it was really dark and depressing, to learn exactly what happened to Mari’s village. Though, it was interesting to see, that we didn’t actually learn how Mari came to live in Detroit of all places, or what was the ultimate fate of her mother (which I am sure will be two points made in a future episode).

I thought that this episode would feature a lot less action, and I was wrong- this episode actually felt to be a bit more thrilling than the chopped-up fight sequence between Mari and The Flash and Arrow. I liked the ending of the episode, with Mari having been bitten by the venomous spider, and wandering off into the desert. I am interested to see just how Mari’s sister **SPOILERS** deals with having taken possession of the totem, OR if she can even use the power of the totem herself.

I think that this show, having gotten over the exposition dump of the “first episode” (which is what I consider that first arc to be: a 24-minute pilot episode chopped into digestible chunks) things will continue to move forward with great speed. I hope that this show keeps itself on the right track and stays away from the clichés and silly tropes that were used in the first few episodes, and just continues to build on the emotional stakes of a family torn apart by war, and now (somewhat) brought back together over an artifact of great power.

I hope that everyone is watching this series, because there is little else out there that you can watch for free, without a subscription, and really get as much interesting and unique storytelling from. If you aren’t interested in this show- then I should recommend Other Space from Paul Fieg. The show is another paywall-free series, and it is something that is definitely worth checking out!