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Guardians of Knowhere #4 Review

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 Guardians of Knowhere #4 cover byMike Deodato and Frank Martin

Guardians of Knowhere #4 cover byMike Deodato and Frank Martin

Secret Wars has started to unravel a bit, with all the news of the event slowing down, delays coming out more often, things aren’t looking too smooth over at Marvel HQ, but this isn’t the main series Secret Wars, this is Battleworld- so who knows what is going to happen here??? Things have been a bit murky with Guardians of Knowhere this far, and last issues appearance of a strange giant, blue woman was quite a cliffhanger for the last issue. I was unsure of what to expect from this series, because it was building up the villain of Yotat as a big part of the story- but he was dropped pretty handily, though it looks like this giant blue lady is going to be a totally different animal.

I have enjoyed Brian Michael Bendis’ work on Guardians since he rebooted the series back in the fledgling Marvel Now! so I didn’t ever think I wouldn’t read this series. His work on these characters is really fun and dynamic- I love the way he writes Rocket, and his dynamic between Angela and Gamora has been really engaging to read. I think this issue really plays on the relationship between Gamora and Angela and it works, very well. I think Mike Deodato’s artwork is really solid throughout this book- I like how Gamora kept her Black Vortex look (and I’m thinking that also made her keep some of her memories- which cause quite a problem for her in this arc…) and seeing Angela as a Thor, (aka- badass cop with superpowers) was an interesting take on the character.

This story had been a bit off the beaten path for Battleworld (not only because it is LITERALLY offworld) with Knowhere having been established “by Doom” defeating the Celestial and keeping it’s head in orbit around Earth as some sort of grim reminder of his power. It was an odd change to the story, but it seems to make sense now. What doesn’t make sense yet, is the big blue giant lady.

The blue woman is apparently **SPOILERS** some sort of Kree refugee, either one of the only survivors of the destruction of the universe, or the advance guard of some unknown Kree invasion force… As there don’t seem to be any instances of “offworld” activity for Secret Wars as of yet- this is an interesting development in the story. Does this mean that somewhere there are Kree, and Skrulls (even though there have been Skrulls in other parts of the Battleworld, so it isn’t impossible that there will be more Kree to show up soon.) or other alien races away from Earth? Which raises even more questions- did Doom create them? Did someone else? Which raises a whole bunch MORE questions I wont get into here…

I think that the “reveal” at the end of this issue was a good one, and seems to have turned this story onto a track that will (hopefully) give it more focus and direction. I would like to see the new Guardians book turn into a more straightforward Guardians story. I think that the first two and a half issues feel pretty much wasted because of their focus on Yotat, and that whole story being unresolved. So maybe Yotat comes back in the new Guardians #1, but probably not. If this story had been a more focused effort of Gamora and her struggles with the things she knows that she shouldn’t know, I think it would have made this a more compelling story, and would have made the idea of Yotat as, in essence, as space-filler irrelevant.

This was an interesting story, and a beautifully drawn one at that. The story seemed to lag behind in issues two and three, but this story had some depth that I was not expecting. The addition of the Kree warrior woman was a nice touch, but could have been done sooner, or let the battle be more of a through line for the story, with Gamora’s flashbacks to Rocket, Groot and Quill punctuate the story. But as usual, this is just nitpicking, and things that would probably only really appeal to me, specifically. But I enjoyed this four issue series, and I hope to see some bigger contributions of the Guardians in Secret Wars AND that the new Guardians of the Galaxy series kicks things in to high gear fast.