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Outcast #11 Review

Ryan ClarkComment
 Outcast #11 cover by Paul Azaceta

Outcast #11 cover by Paul Azaceta

I have been enjoying this series, and I think that the upcoming television series that we saw a teaser for come out of SDCC will be something else I enjoy. I like how Robert Kirkman writes, and I think that Paul Azaceta’s artwork is absolutely the perfect fit for this series. It is a dark book, with creepiness all over and brooding and (sometimes) bloody characters in every scene.

I would have liked to see the last few issues pick up the pace a bit- but after the big throwdown in the abandoned building with the girl that the Reverend didn’t actually “save” I thought things would have continued to build the action. Instead we get a build up of foreshadowing of big things to come- but not a lot of details. I wonder if the lack of details in the writing has to do with the fact that this series is being adapted into a TV show, and with a series like The Walking Dead having almost 100 issues under it’s belt when it premiered on AMC, it didn’t allow for a lot of “secrets” for that first season. So maybe my drip-feeding us details, and keeping the antagonists shrouded in mystery, it allows the TV show to still feel new and fresh.

I really liked the way the issue opened, with the Reverend having a terse and VERY tense conversation with the main bad guy- mister Devil-in-the-flesh, or whatever he actually is. I thought that the frustrated, balled fists of the Reverend showed him creeping closer to the edge of reason (and possibly sanity- being that so many lives and souls are in danger because of him) but that he still couldn’t bring himself to attack Mr. Devil-dude.



The scene with Kyle in this issue had a lot of emotional weight to it that, I felt, had been lacking in him for a while now. I was glad to see Kyle still be human, and show that he is a compassionate father and husband- even if it is as an ex-husband. The moment when his daughter brings up what her mother did- going back to before the first issue, when Kyle supposedly “attacked” his wife and daughter, sheds some light on it, and his friend wont let it go. I liked seeing the pieces start to fall together for someone else to finally learn more of the truth- Kyle isn’t an unstable, violent person- but was just trying to do what the Reverend couldn’t: to remove the evil spirits from these “possessed” people for good.


I was hoping for a bit more action, but I know that it isn’t common for there to be an overabundance of that in a Kirkman book. Though, I am very hopeful for the next issue and the rest of this arc, because of the last page reveal of this issue. It was a very unexpected twist, but one that really makes sense- and maybe if this works out the way I think it will, then more people will start to rally around Kyle and let him try and get his life back in order.


This series has been really solid, even with some serious dips in action in the first eleven issues. I hope that things can pick up more going forward, and STAY at a higher pace, but I am fairly certain that this will not be the case, whatsoever. I do want this book to continue to be unpredictable- I like that I never really seem to have a clear idea of where the story is going, and that I am always on the back foot, waiting to react to scenes like the last scene of this issue.

This is not a book for kids, but for anyone who is a fan of comic books- this is a very unique and intriguing book that I could recommend to almost anyone with any interest in comics.