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Vixen Episode 1 Recap

TV recapRyan ClarkComment

If you are anything like me, you probably didn't know that CW Seed even existed, let alone that it has it's own line of original programming- that was the case, until i found out that the DC Comics' animated series Vixen would be available there. Now CW Seed is on my bookmarked pages, so I can go there every Tuesday for new episodes of Vixen.

Today was the first day this series was available, and it appears that the series will premier a new episode each Tuesday. I like that it is being released on a weekly schedule, so that I don’t get “binge-burnout” by the time I got halfway through the first season. I also like that the series has fairly short episodes (the first episode clocks in at just under five minutes long) so that they are much more easily consumed. I also like that this series features the animated versions of the CW’s “Arrow” and “Flash” series characters (I was a bit confused by the long list of voice cast for this episode when maybe four people spoke in the entire episode- but I am hoping this just means that they will be featured in future episodes).


I like getting to see a bit more of the “high impact” fighting from The Flash and Arrow, because it is much easier to create a larger-than-life sequence when everything is animated. I thought that the patronus-like animal powers that Vixen was able to conjure up in this episode were also really unique and interesting.

I didn’t like that the first shot we get of Mari/Vixen (I think it’s easy to assume she’s just “Mari” here because she’s lounging very casually in regular clothes AND in a jail cell) was quite a bit oversexed. I understand that the animation style accentuates certain attributes to the extreme, and that Mari is a young and attractive woman, but the blunt visual of her gigantic bosom was a bit much (there goes me thinking this would be something fun and kid-friendly for my niece who is eight, or my son who’s almost three).


I did like seeing, in that long list of voice actors who don’t appear in this episode, the name of Kevin Michael Richardson- who DC animated fans may recognize as the Green Lantern Animated series voice behind Killowog. I also liked that in the end credits, Gerry Conway and his co-creators credited in having created Vixen, Cisco Ramon and Felicity Smoak.

There was some solid potential in this episode, and having it be free to anyone with an internet connection (much like THIS website) and being short, easily digestible episodes means that this should be something that DC pursues in order to engage newer and broader audiences.

I think that this series had more good than bad for a first episode, though I would have liked to see some more background and characterization for Mari, and maybe some more dialogue involving Grant Gustin or Stephen Amell, who are both featured quite a bit in the first half of the episode, but who aren’t given any “juicy” bits of dialogue.

If you are unsure if you should check this show out- then, by all means, get onto and watch it- its barely five minutes of your time, and there are no paywalls (yet) to keep anyone out. I think this could make for a solid jumping-on point for younger audiences who like the short cartoon series, the kind that are extremely popular over on Cartoon Network.