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Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1 Review

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 Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 cover C by Elsa Charretier 

Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 cover C by Elsa Charretier 

Science Fiction is a broad category, filled with so many different factions or fandoms- from Trekkers, to Star Wars fans, to Whovians and on down to people who just love Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica; there is room in the sci-fi community for literally just about everyone. So it is interesting to see when these different fandoms crash together in a crossover that seems to be literally out of nowhere- the recent Vampirella/Army of Darkness crossover comes to mind; not to mention all of the horror/sci-fi film crossovers: Freddy vs. Jason, Aliens vs. Predator and so on… But when I saw that there was a comic announced that was crossing over the current cinematic Star Trek universe with Green Lantern, I thought that once again, the powers that be have plucked a gem straight from my brain and breathed life into it…

As far as crossover events go, this one is probably pretty low in likelihood, in equal part because they deal with totally different versions of reality AND because they are properties owned by two different and separate publishing companies. The latter is taken care of by some legalese and behind-closed-doors type arrangements, and the former is handled rather well in the opening sequence of this issue; where Ganthet, the last remaining Guardian AND the only member of ANY lantern corps is being hunted by **SPOILERS for all the Trekkers out there who don’t read GL comics** some sort of Black Lantern. This is pretty obvious by the way the speech bubbles for the character look EXACTLY like every single Black Lantern ever. But Ganthet, ever resourceful and secretive, at the last minute jumps away from our universe and into the one that is inhabited by the United Federation of Planets, the governing body who gives ships and their crew (like that of the Enterprise) their Prime Directive (and all other directives- but who knows what ANY of those are, am I right???).

I really liked seeing the current crew of the Enterprise aboard the ship in this story, and I thought that they were drawn with pretty accurate likenesses (there were only a few times that the angle of the character didn’t come across as being exactly how they look in real life, but I am certain the artist didn’t have Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine sit down for him to do reference poses. The ship looked fantastic, and the opening shot of the whole Enterprise soaring through space was absolutely breathtaking. I thought that the sequences involving the Enterprise crew and the Lantern rings were very well done, because they would be completely unaware of what these things are, and I would have imagined (and I imagined correctly) that they would take a more scientific and careful approach with these items. Though, in truth, part of me wished that Kirk would have put on a Green Lantern ring first thing, and that someone on the crew would have made a joke about Jim’s propensity toward green, alien ladies and his current flashy green costume… But hopefully that moment doesn’t pass this series by, because I think I might cry if it happens.

I liked the ending of the issue, because it sets up what we knew to expect (not really spoilers when its right there on the cover and in the title of the series), but I wasn’t sure who to expect or how they were going to arrive. The end of this issue just left me with a lot more questions than when I started, but none of those questions really derived from a lack of knowledge about either world of Star Trek or the Green Lanterns. Maybe I am too far inside both fandoms to really see clearly whether or not this book has a low enough accessibility hurdle for new readers, but I really felt like I was able to jump right into this series with little knowledge about Star Trek beyond the first movie and little about Green Lantern than just cursory knowledge of the Lantern Corps (though I am sure that THAT subject will need to be explained in detail to the crew of the Enterprise, because “rings that give you power based off emotions” seems like the kind of thing that would give Spock an aneurism.

This series came out of nowhere, I don’t think anyone was really petitioning for these two worlds to collide, but I think that now we have seen the first chapter in this story, and that it was handled quite well, that there may be more crossover books in the future. I doubt we will ever see a time when Marvel and DC crossover their characters again, but maybe this will be the beginning of Image, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Boom, Valiant and other publishers to collaborate with the Big Two and create a new event book that can be very beneficial to both groups.

I think this book is appealing to a very wide range of people, and can really bring in a lot of new readers to both Star Trek and Green Lantern comics. I think that this is a book that should be put in the hands of basically any and all young sci-fi fans, because they should have an opportunity to see the kind of books that are out on shelves that are as close to a tumblr blog fanfic than anything else out there.

This book was a lot of fun, and it is bringing together two worlds that I hold near and dear to my heart in a way that feels very respectful to both, while allowing them both to operate in a new, wide open sandbox. This book has TONS of opportunities to be great, and I really hope it capitalizes on as many of them as possible…