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Thors #2 Review

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 Thors #2 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story & Dave McCaig

Thors #2 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story & Dave McCaig

For a book like Thor, with only a few issues under it’s belt before Secret Wars stepped in and took over, I was worried that the story would rely too heavily on those last few issues, or that the current story would take it upon itself to just sort of take all the air out of that previous volume. I wondered how much emphasis this new story would have on the previous volume’s female Thor, and the fact that we just had a “reader only” reveal of her identity leading up to Secret Wars. I thought that this story, being one that seemingly focused on a whole group of Thors, who act as the police force on God Emperor Doom’s world, would have been a bit of a departure from the whole “who really IS the new Thor?” thing and allow the story to live and grow into it’s own space.

But this book jumps right in, and the only female character that is mentioned in the whole story is, in fact, who female Thor was. So that subtlety has left this book behind. But in the wake of that bit of a “whodunit”-type story, we are given a new and different mystery to solve. I liked how, in the last issue, we see that these Thors don’t understand that they aren’t actually a “true” Thor- that they are all indoctrinated into the police force, and given a weapon to wield, but with hundreds (thousands, maybe?) acting as Thor- how many of them could truly be wielding Mjolnir?

This story picks up a bit more momentum after the end of last issue- where two major things were revealed, when **SPOILERS** all of the dead bodies that have been cropping up on Doomworld are revealed to have been **SPOILERS** Jane Foster. But not just one person, but that person from each and every different version of Earth that survived in the patchwork Doomworld. This was strange for me, because it starts to really show how fluid the concept of time is for the people on this planet. Doom’s powers have wiped people’s memories, and given them this world to live on- but how does something like this happen? How does someone have so much beef with just one person?

Unless that person has started to peer beyond the veil that Doom has put over the eyes of his “subjects” like we see with Thor the Unworthy. The one-armed Thor who gave up Mjolnir and his title to the female Thor shows up in this issue, which was a nice change of pace from all the different Thors we see on the police force- though the Ultimate Thor and Throgg are nice additions to the group. I was shocked to see that this story had yet another murder after all of the murders of the one woman who actually is female Thor, and that **SPOILERS AGAIN** Beta Ray Bill is killed investigating this rash of crazy multiverse-murders of the same woman.



The funeral for Beta Ray Bill was a beautiful thing- I loved the feel of all the Thors and Odin gathering to pay tribute to him, in a traditional Viking funeral manner, and raising flagons of mead- to have Ultimate Thor put a nice button on the scene calling for “vengeance” against whoever committed this crime. The other main scene that played out with Ultimate- the fight against Unworthy Thor, was a really visually striking (heh. Pun intended) scene was well. I loved the flashes of lightning and all the clipped conversation that happened between hammer falls and axe blows.



The ending of this issue had another pair of moments with nice little reveals, ones that will definitely come back in meaningful ways, and soon. The first moment- the discovery of yet another body, but this body being one of a different person than the woman who kept being murdered in her all her many iterations on Doomworld. This moment has a lot of weight to it, because until this point, the murderer had only focused on this one woman- not branching out to kill other people. Maybe now, the Thors can start to draw the threads together, and make sense of who is killing all these people and why. The second moment, which for a Thor book is one that I was a bit shocked didn’t happen immediately (or at least by the END of the first issue) was the reveal and face-to-face meeting of Ultimate Thor and a very (and I do mean VERY) prominent character in the Thor cast of characters- and no, I don’t mean Heimdall…

This book has been good so far, but with the recent revelation of who was Thor under that mask, it takes a bit of the gravitas out of this story. “I wonder why this woman keeps being killed, across all the different dimensions mashed up here on Doomworld???” – the answer is simple “Because you are all brainwashed by God Emperor Doom, and living under his yoke, even though you don’t know it- and that woman was Thor. So obviously whoever is killing these women (or this one woman a lot of times) has to know who she really was, and is doing it for a specific purpose. Maybe it is someone with Roxxon who is out to try and eliminate anyone who could stand in the way of their crazy megalomaniacal super-conglomerate corporate goals… I don’t know…

What I do know, is that this book was fun to read, and the characters all feel very different- all these different versions of Thor all seem to be unique, and easy enough to differentiate between- which makes this story very easy to read. I wish there had been a bit more misdirect with the identity of the female victim, or a separate case to distract our Thor-cops, but I am hopeful that this story will stay on a solid course through Secret Wars and will have a most effective conclusion. I don’t like how heavily the story leans on the identity of the female Thor, I would have liked to see the death of the Thor have a bit longer of a fallout for Ultimate Thor, maybe the fight with Thor the Unworthy even gets pushed back to issue 3… But I just would have liked to see a bit more of a slow burn on this murder mystery.


This is a book for Thor fans- every Thor ever is in this book, and even a bunch more new Thors- like Storm Thor, Destroyer Thor, Groot Thor and so many more! I really enjoyed it, even if I do have some complaints and issues with the story- but that’s just how things are. Until the story is completed, I wont see where this mystery will take us, so I will be guessing at its course, and trying to see what is ahead, without actually knowing anything. So for it’s part, this book is very successful, because I haven’t really been able to predict the movements of the story thus far. It doesn’t seem like that is changing after two issues- so if you like a classic murder mystery “whodunit” then this is the book for you…