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Lando #1 Review

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 Lando #1 Main Cover by Alex Maleev & Edgar Delgado

Lando #1 Main Cover by Alex Maleev & Edgar Delgado

Marvel is absolutely churning out new Star Wars books since their acquisition of the Star Wars publication rights. This is the fifth series currently, with several more announced, and even more as yet unannounced, I’m sure. Along with the main series and the Darth Vader series, there is going to be a crossover series between Star Wars and Darth Vader now, so there will be even more new-new Star Wars comics. I don’t know if the comic scene can handle all these comics, just like I am unsure if pop-culture can really continue to sustain such an exponentially growing market. I hope that these Star Wars comics maintain quality, but it is going to get to be so much harder to continue to read all these new comics every month. I wish that I had all the money in the world to read all the books I want every week, but it’s just not feasible. So for now, ill keep reading whatever I can, and for now, that includes the new Lando comic book.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this series, because I didn’t really know what stories would be told in a standalone Lando Calrissian comic book, but I thought it would definitely be worth checking out. So with that, I cracked the issue open and said “Well, well, well- what do we have here???” (can you blame me? It was literally the perfect moment for it). I was pleasantly surprised by the look of this book, I think that Alex Maleev’s art could work really well for a large-scale sci-fi book like a Green Lantern or Silver Surfer type series. I really like how Charles Soule writes in most books, and this series is no exception. Soule has a good voice for Lando in this series, and I even enjoyed his characterization for Lobot, which was an unexpected treat for this book.

The opening scene for this book was really what sealed it for me, though. In it, we see Lando in a beautiful woman’s room (I assume only recently having exited her bed), admiring a beautiful sculpture. That is when the conversation with Lando and this woman turns to their utility in the greater scheme of the Empire, and the idea that lower level functionaries in the Empire are just tools, or weapons, to be utilized by those with more power and affluence in the Empire. I liked this idea, but I think that it had the opposite effect on Lando, rather than reaffirming his “cog in the machine” status, I would hope this just furthers his ideals about personal freedom from the Empire and autonomy.

This book was quite a lot of fun to read, and like I said before, I really enjoyed the way Lobot was portrayed in this issue. The overally look of this book was solid, but I still felt like something was missing. Maybe it was just that the end of the issue seemed a bit too predictable, that the whole bad guy double-cross was a bit too easy to see coming. The art on the book was solid, but what really made it for me was the colors. I loved the contrast of darkness and all the bright, vibrant colors. It reminded me a lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy arc from when Angela first joined the team and they fought on a S.W.O.R.D. outpost ship.

The book could have been better, but it was definitely worth reading, and it was just nice to look at. But as far as how the book will stand in the landscape of the comic industry, it is hard to tell. As I said before, it is difficult to think that all these comics can stay on my pull list each month- so I will have to start prioritizing, I am hopeful that this series can keep up with all the rest of the Star Wars books that are out now, or coming out soon, but I don’t know if I will invest more time in this series than to wait for it to come out in trade. I think that this miniseries could make a very satisfying complete read, sometimes there are stories that are just designed to be read in trade.

This is a solid first outing for a new book in a relatively large line of new Star Wars books, so it will be hard to tell what will come from any of these books going forward, but if this book can step up giving more genuine suspense and thrills, then I think the charisma and charm that Lando has will show through greatly, and that we will see a great story unfold- but that all depends on the story increasing it’s depth and the characterization maintaining it’s quality.