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Star Wars #13 Review

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 Star Wars #13 cover by Mark Brooks

Star Wars #13 cover by Mark Brooks

So the first major event for Marvel’s Star Wars series is under way (I missed out talking about the first two chapters because of a general lack of free time, due to moving into my new house AND Thanksgiving happening right on top of one another, so I am jumping in with part three- because why not?) and even though anyone who has watched Episodes 4-6 of the Star Wars film franchise knows exactly what happens to all of our major characters here, I don’t think it really takes away too much from the weight and interest of this story. We haven’t ever really seen Darth Vader in any sort of a vulnerable position before, if this can even really be called “vulnerable”, so that is a really unique take on the character. On top of that, it is interesting to see the threads of the new Star Wars books crossing over (specifically, in this issue we see Dr. Aphra and her droids- aka “The reason I dropped Darth Vader from my reading list because physical copies were so hard to come by thanks to the random character created called ‘Dr. Aphra’.”

It was a really action packed issue this time around, even though as I have said before- we know exactly what happens to all the major characters of this series, so nothing MASSIVE can happen in this book because Luke with only one eye, or Leia with no legs would have been something to come up in some of the films that already exist. So with that in mind, and having a pretty solid idea of exactly how this whole deal will shake out, you have to appreciate the storytelling without really having much of any “genuine concern” moments for our main characters.

The visuals and the action of this issue more than make up for the fact that the story will have a nicely wrapped up ending to put our characters back on track to meet back up with their cinematic future selves. I really enjoyed Dr. Aphra in this story, because she seemed ot be a much more charismatic and almost likeable villain to Vader’s mass murder-y and rather stoic behavior. I also really enjoyed the inclusion of Aphra’s droids into the story: beetee and triple-zero (see: evil versions of R2 and 3PO) were actually interesting and felt like necessary inclusions into the story. Though the bit at the end with beetee and R2 felt a bit forced, I still liked seeing the evil R2 counterpart whip out some MASSIVE artillery and blow all sorts of stuff up!

The moment that we close out the issue with is the one that is teased on the cover, so it is a bit anticlimactic in that regard, but it still happens SOMEWHERE in this issue, so it is better than some other cover art that has teased including characters or moments that showed up NOT AT ALL. I am really interested to see how this whole story plays out, and to see how Vader extracts himself from this situation without losing face (or another arm, or bionic legs) because it seems like he will just wander around the desert crushing Rebel scum until the end of time, which to me, sounds like a Darth Vader vision board…

I have enjoyed all of the Star Wars main series from Marvel so far, and the Vader Down story has been pleasantly surprising, though I am glad that next issue we get is a Star Wars annual that is not at all attached to the Vader Down story. I am excited to see how the book progresses beyond this event, and with the fallout from Sana Solo still really not being processed within the pages of the book, I think that is something still to be addressed soon.

I hope that things keep moving in a good direction for the Star Wars books- the main series is doing well, Shattered Empire was a nice bit of prologue for the new film, Chewbacca has been interesting up to this point, and the upcoming Anakin and Obi-Wan book looks pretty darn good, too! The world can use lots of new Star Wars, and with Episode 7 hitting theaters in just a few weeks, I can’t get enough new stuff! I have put myself on a bit of a blackout on new releases for Force Awakens- I haven’t seen the second trailer, or the TV spot, or the international trailer, or even watched many of the cast and crew interviews leading up to the film’s release. Star Wars has my money- I bought two mega screen 3D tickets, and I want to be surprised at what happens in the film. So I don’t know what gender BB-8 is, or what Kylo Ren’s secret identity is, or if Rey and Fin are siblings or related to any of the main characters or not- and I want to keep it that way. So I will keep my head firmly buried in the sand and just keep reading stories like this one where I know that nothing about Force Awakens will get spoiled for me…