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Bob's Burgers Ongoing #6 Review

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 Bob's Burgers Ongoing #6 cover B by Paul Claerhout

Bob's Burgers Ongoing #6 cover B by Paul Claerhout

If you haven’t noticed- I have been out of the game for a few weeks, this being the first thing I have posted in basically three weeks. I am officially 100% moved into my first “new” home (and if I have anything to say about it, my “forever” home- moving is the WORST!!!) so I am hoping that after taking last week off, from the podcast AND my segment for the Weird Science DC Comics guys pod as well, that I can bounce back hard and fast and really get down to business. So I’m here to talk about Bob’s Burgers #6- and I have to say, this book has been nothing but fun and interesting from the outset.

I loved the miniseries that Dynamite put out before this, sort of just to “test the waters” of making an anthology book about an animated series- but this series is one of the most popular out there, so obviously it is a pretty easy sell. I had been hoping this book would be a nice foothold to get my wife into reading more comics (she is the more passionate Bob’s TV series fan than myself, so I was thinking this would make a good entry point for her). But with the move, Thanksgiving just happening AND Christmas just around the corner, I don’t think this is the time to take on new projects. Though, I think that if you are reading this, YOU should be reading this book.

Bob’s Burgers is a show that is unlike most anything else on TV right now, and it is the Golden Age of television. I love watching TV, and this book even FEELS like watching the show. I love that the characters feel so natural on the page, and that there are so many moments that feel like something they truly would do or say, because it has been my experience in the past that licensed books don’t often have the most passionate of fans of the source material on their creative teams. I think this book is tailor made for anyone who likes Bob’s Burgers. The jokes are so on the level with the TV series, and the artwork, while different and unique for each story, still really feels like a different part of this world the characters inhabit.

One of the (many) things I love about this ongoing series is the covers- there have always been two covers (not incentive covers, I believe) and they are both usually so different but so much fun and so very accurate depiction of the Belcher family. This issue’s covers are no different- I think Tina Kong’s cover B (which I got) feels like an as-of-yet untold Tina Erotic Friend Fiction story, and the main cover of the family carrying (but mostly Bob carrying) a giant Christmas tree feels like a moment from a very special Bob’s Burgers Christmas episode. The pinup artwork in each issue has always been a fun and unique moment for artists with different styles to step in and do something unique with the characters of this series, and I really enjoy seeing just how different they can look from month to month.

I think that this book, while not necessarily being an all-ages book is the kind of book that can really appeal to a wide range of comic readers and POTENTIAL comic readers, because I would hope that more fans of the TV show would think about picking up this book (especially with two collected editions out) to supplement the erratic release schedule of new episodes of the TV series. I am also hopeful that this means things are turning around for licensed books, because if something like Bob’s Burgers can be successful for a non-Big Two publisher, then maybe there are more licensed titles for other publishers that can really draw in more readers that are less likely to read a standard capes and cloaks punchfight story.

I really hope people are reading and enjoying this series, because I have been completely enamored with this book since it began, and I would hate to see anything happen to stop this book from coming out every month…