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Star Wars #11 Review

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  Star Wars #11 Cover by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger & Justin Ponsor

Star Wars #11 Cover by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger & Justin Ponsor

Star Wars is more prevalent than ever as of late- with The Force Awakens mere weeks away, and an “international trailer” having just been blasted out all over the Internet, there are more and more details being revealed for the upcoming film. And I for one, could not be any less interested in getting details about the upcoming movie at all. I haven’t watched the second trailer for the film and will abstain from viewing the international trailer completely. I am sold on the film, Lucasfilm and Disney HAVE my money, I will be seeing this movie no less than TWICE in theaters, so they will get my dollars. But I don’t need to be swayed anymore, I don’t want anymore “insider scoops”. I just want to enjoy the film. I think that is where I am able to find such deep and abiding joy from THIS comic series, because I know that nowhere in this book will there be so much as a subtle HINT of foreshadowing about Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, BB-8 or any such character not yet existing in this universe.

This book shows a bit more substance in the background and secondary characters from the cinematic universe- where we see Dengar actually SPEAK… and take ACTION! It was glorious. The character who looked like if the Sandpeople just moved to the city and started a quaint little shop there- but also, were still murderous bounty hunters. I enjoyed his voice in the book, and the way he interacted with Chewbacca and C3P-0 was very effective in relaying his cold efficiency and his very surface-level disdain for one Han Solo.

The story feels a bit jumpy at times in this issue, mostly because we are reading three separate story arcs at roughly two pages a pop, so things are bound to move a bit quicker than we like. The time spent with Han explaining his relationship with Sana (and not really endearing himself to Leia OR the readers, if we’re being honest) felt a bit more rushed than any of the other scenes, and the moment when Han opens a door to the ship where he has been confessing his past sins to Leia to be found empty, would have been a much more weighty moment if it had been given a bit more time to breathe (but that is just my totally unprofessional opinion). Luke’s section of the story felt like the most action-packed so far (even though since this is set between A New Hope and Empire- we all know Luke will be fine) but I think that Chewbacca and 3P0’s time on the page was my actual favorite. I love the way Chewie looked, and I think 3P0’s voice really felt the most organic and panicked in this issue.

The artwork in this issue is exactly where I expect it to be, and with this issue ending with two of the three threads of our story tied together (for the moment, anyway) AND those two threads set to join back up with the third section of the story sometime soon- I think the time spent wishing that things would be less jumpy and focus more intently on one main storyline will be upon us before long.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit, and I think that this story has had a bit of a departure from the “norm” in a sci-fi comic story for the last couple issues- we got our clickbait-y “Han was married” moment, and now we can move past it, and help get Han and Leia back on track to make some younglings of their own. I don’t think that this book will take the kind of ridiculous creative license with the characters like Fox’s Gotham has done and turn Leia from her intended path of being Han’s betrothed because of this incident; and I TRULY hope they don’t go the Gotham route and turn Leia into some sadistic Sith Lord hellbent on a murderous vendetta against Han Solo. That would be SEVERAL bridges too far for this book, so I think that is just me venting my frustrations about something only TANGENTIALLY related to comics…

Back to Star Wars- I will not watch anymore footage of the film, I WILL see the movie no less than twice, I will continue to read this series for the foreseeable future, and the force will be with you, always…