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Episode 085: Smarch Badness -OR- '85 - The Birth of a Podcaster

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Episode eighty-five is here, and in honor of both March Madness brackets going live AND 1985 being my birth year, I couldn't decide on a title, so I give you TWO! So giving. Such benevolence. This week had quite a few news bits, and plenty of sports (if you're into that sort of thing...) and just the standard eleven books! So, strap in, pull up a chair and join me for another rip roarin' episode of the Brightest Daycare Weekly Podcast!!! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!


Books reviewed: All- New Wolverine 18, Back to the Future - Biff to the Future 2, The Flash 18, Green Valley 6, Justice League of America 2, Man-Thing 1, Old Man Logan 19, Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern 2, Spider-Man Deadpool 15, Superwoman 8 and Wonder Woman 18.

News- 0:01:49

Books Pt1- 0:17:32

Sports Chat- 0:31:32

Books Pt2- 0:43:52

Pick of the Week- 1:01:47

Total- 1:13:07

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