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Episode 084: I'll Be Back, in Emerald City

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Episode eighty-four is here, and the title is a mashup of the 1984 classic film The Terminator line and the ECCC event on the west coast this weekend. Emerald City was full of news and reports of all varieties, so there was a lot for the news. There wasn't a ton of sports to go over this week, and next Sunday is the NCAA March Madness selection sunday, so I probably won't have a bracket put together next week, but for episode 86, I'll have my bracket up and we can talk about it more at length (mostly about how I picked poorly). There were eleven books, plus two digital/bonus titles, so this episode wound up being a nice bit of everything. Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: America 1, Deadpool 28, Doctor Who Ghost Stories Chapter 004, Extremity 1, Green Lanterns 18, Here's Negan Chapter 011, Moon Knight 12, Nightwing 16, The Once and Future Queen 1, Royal City 1, Savage Things 1, Star Wars 29 and The Walking Dead 165.

News- 0:02:02

Books Pt1- 0:29:44

Sports- 0:46:26

Books Pt2- 0:53:59

Pick of the Week- 1:16:42

Total- 1:23:55

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