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Episode 083: Beauty is a Curse, Says the Duck Outcast on a Spider-Trek

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Episode eighty-three is up and ready, and there are no last minute catastrophes like the 2017 Oscars. It was a more slimmed down episode, because next week is Emerald City, which should bulk up the news segment, and next weekend is the selection day for NCAA's March Madness. This was a more straightforward episode, and it clocks in at just under an hour. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Beauty 12, Clean Room 16, Curse Words 2, Deadpool the Duck 4, Elektra 1, The Flash 17, Justice League of America 1, Outcast 25, Spider-Man/Deadpool 14, Star Trek-Green Lantern 3 and Wonder Woman 17

News- 0:01:26

Books- 0:09:40

Sports- 0:28:40

Books Pt2- 0:38:45

Pick of the Week- 1:00:01

Total- 1:08:10

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