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Episode 081: Back to Business After the Big Game

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Episode eighty-one is here, kicking your door down a day late- reminding you that I'm still here! I've got a normal list of activities for this week's podcast, but it still clocked in at around 90 minutes!!! I wasn't expecting to go longer than the typical (but, let's be honest- this show is ANYTHING but typical) 60-75 minutes, but I up on my soap box (not really) for the news, and decided I wasn't ready to come down until I had worked the news over for a solid half hour!!! After that, it's all downhill- twelve books and sports are the other hour, so I hope you listen and enjoy! Thanks, as always, for listening!!!

Books Reviewed: All-New Wolverine 17, All-Star Batman 7, Birthright 22, Deadpool the Duck 3, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 003, The Flash 16, Green Valley 5, Justice League of America - Rebirth 1, Kingpin 1, Superwoman 7, The Unworthy Thor 4 and Wonder Woman 16

News- 0:04:24

Books Pt1- 0:34:12

Sports- 0:49:19

Books Pt2- 0:58:35

Pick of the Week- 1:23:13

Total- 1:31:07

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