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Episode 078: Curse the Duck Challenge, and Manifest a Monster Trinity!

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Episode seventy-eight is complete, and it wound up clocking in at just under ninety minutes! Plus, there's Curse Words (but it's still an all-ages podcast)! I got into some news, some sports chat and thirteen books. This week flew by, and this podcast flew by, too! Thanks as always, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Black Hammer Annual 1, Curse Words 1, Deadpool the Duck 2, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Chapter 8, Justice League of America: The Ray one-shot, Kamandi Challenge Special 1, KISS 4, Manifest Destiny 25, The Mighty Captain Marvel 1, Monsters Unleashed 1, Nightwing 13 and Trinity 5

News- 0:01:43

Books Pt1- 0:19:38

Sports- 0:40:06

Books Pt2- 0:49:27

Pick of the Week- 1:13:47

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