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Episode 077: 2017 is in Fact Real, Not a Mass Hallucination...

Ryan ClarkComment

Episode 77 is on it's way to your ears, and it is a nice way to really get back to business in 2017! I talked about a bit of news, some sports and twelve books this week. Still no real changes coming format wise, but I am hoping to get some new business cards and/or an updated logo for Brightest Daycare in the coming weeks, which may then spur on more creative endeavors- who knows?!?! Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 16, Birthright 21, Daredevil 15, Deadpool 24, The Flash 14, God Country 1, Justice League/Power Rangers 1, Marvel's New Years Eve Special Infinite Comic One-Shot, Outcast 24, Southern Bastards 16, Superwoman 6 and Wonder Woman 14

News- 0:02:32

Books Pt1- 0:18:07

Sports- 0:32:55

Books Pt2- 0:41:02

Pick of the Week- 1:05:53

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