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Episode 076: New Year, New You, Same Old Me!

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Episode seventy-six is here, y'all! The new year is kicked off in style! Two weeks worth of reviews all in one neat, little package! I kept the news and sports to a minimum, because there wasn't a lot of sports news and the comic news can get a little stale after two weeks. I am glad to be back after a brief hiatus, and I am ready to jump right back in the deep end for 2017 and get this podcast a'rollin! I hope everyone had a happy new year and a good holiday season overall. I was busy, so taking a few days to just really relax, unwind and recharge the metaphorical batteries really helps to get me ready and raring to go in 2017, and to make this the best year of podcasts that I can! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Week 1- A.D. After Death 2, Clean Room 15, Doctor Who Ghost Stories Chapter 1, Here's Negan Chapter 9, The Mighty Thor 14, Monstress 9, Spider-Man Deadpool 12 and Wonder Woman 13. Week 2- Deadpool the Duck 1, Faith 7, The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom 1, Moon Knight 10, Nightwing 12, Old Man Logan 16 and The Walking Dead 162.

News- 0:03:09

Books Week 1- 0:14:04

Pick of the Week 1- 0:38:23

Sports Chat- 0:42:45

Books Week 2- 0:47:18

Pick of the Week 2- 1:04:47

Total: 1:11:34

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