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Episode 113: Magick Cable’s Hard Legacy of the New Southern War Woman

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Episode 113 is up and running, and it is a bigger than usual affair! I got into a bit of news (before next week's NYCC deluge) and some sports chat (prior to this week's MLB postseason kickoff). I surprisingly am 2-2 in fantasy football at this point, which is as surprising to me as anyone... I got through fourteen books this week, too! So dive on in and enjoy over seventy minutes of Brightest Daycare goodness! Thanks, as always, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Atomahawk Chapter 001, Black Magick 8, Cable 5, Crosswind 4, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 5, The Flash 31, Gotham City Garage Chapter 004, The Hard Place 2, Marvel Legacy 1, Nightwing - New Order 2, Southern Bastards 18, War Mother 2, Wonder Woman 31 and Wytches - Bad Egg Chapter 002.

News- 0:01:04

Books Part 1- 0:12:56

Sports Chat- 0:33:21

Books Part 2- 0:43:06

Digital/Bonus Books- 1:07:35

Pick of the Week- 1:14:32

Total- 1:23:20

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