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Episode 111: BabyMetal Pool and the Miracle Realm of WarWomen

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Episode 111 is up and running, comin' at ya!!! It was quite a week getting to this point- The week was rough, and Sunday I was out of town all day seeing Riot Fest in Chicago (Hot Water Music, Pennywise, Say Anything, Built to Spill, GWAR, Prophets of Rage and Jawbreaker) so I ended up not having the physical wherewithal to complete the podcast on Monday- then, Tuesday rolls around, and I get hit with a bunch of technical difficulties: chiefly the document with all my reviews and sports/news stuff was being REALLY difficult, and my laptop basically refused to comply with my needs. So, after some time, I was finally able to record, and I did! It was a bit shorter episode than I expected, but still over an hour, so I will chalk that up as a win! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Babyteeth 4, Birthright 26, Dark Nights - Metal 2, Deadpool 36, The Flash 30, Gotham City Garage Chapter 003, Mister Miracle 2, The Realm 1, Star Wars 36, Superwoman 14, Wonder Woman 30 and Youngblood 5.

News- 0:01:15

Books Part 1- 0:09:58

Sports Chat- 0:30:07

Books Part 2- 0:41:13

Pick of the Week- 1:01:26

Total- 1:09:06


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