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Episode 110: Dare Lantern’s Journey for a Red Diamondwing in the Scoundrel Adventure-verse

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Episode 110 is ready and waiting, so get in here!!! I got to review twelve books, talk about a handful of news stories and recap the week in sports- including Notre Dame and U of I football, the Cubs stagnating in the Central Division, and the first week of Fantasy Football!!! Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed- Daredevil 26, Green Lanterns 30, Journey to Star Wars - The Last Jedi Captain Phasma 1, Kingsman - Red Diamond 1, Nightwing 28, Outcast 30, Scales and Scoundrels 1, Spider-Man Deadpool 21, Star Wars Adventures 1, Thor Vs. Hulk - Champion of the Universe 001, Venomverse 1 and The Walking Dead 171.

News- 0:02:51

Books Part 1- 0:18:24

Sports Chat- 0:37:22

Books Part 2- 0:47:20

Pick of the Week- 01:07:59

Total- 01:17:24


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