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Episode 109: Force Friday? Force Fri-NO Way!!!

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Episode 109 is here and ready for your ear holes!!! Sorry for the extensive delay this week (again! gosh, I am always so behind lately...) but with Tiny Batman's fifth birthday, the holiday weekend, and everyone fighting off a cold in our house, the energy level has been a bit lower than usual in the podcast studio. But here we are! An eighty minute episode, with FOURTEEN books, news and sports!!! That should almost make up for it, right guys?!?! right??? anyway- thanks, as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Books reviewed: Black Magick 7, Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special, Crosswind 3, Darkseid special, Deadpool 35, Doctor Who - The Lost Dimension Alpha, Gotham City Garage Chapter 02, Gwar - Orgasmageddon 3, Kingsmen - The Big Exit Chapter 001, Secret Empire 10, Star Wars 35, Star Wars Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu 1, Wonder Woman 29 and Wyches - Bad Egg Chapter 001.

News- 0:01:54

Books Part 1-0:15:01

Sports Chat- 0:34:55

Books Part 2- 0:46:01

Digital First/Bonus Books- 1:04:35

Pick of the Week- 1:15:22

Total- 1:23:44


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