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Episode 108: The Hammer of DevilPool, Flash of a Generation, Hard Manhunter and the New Order’s Empire of War

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Episode one hundred and eight is locked and loaded, ready for your ears! I actually planned to have this episode up and out by Monday night, and I came pretty close to meeting my goal this time around(go me!). I have my family league fantasy football draft on Tuesday, so I was trying extra hard to give myself at least a few hours separation between the two activities. This week was a pretty straightforward episode- eleven books, news and actually a few decent sports bits to talk about. Next week I will have my fantasy draft to recap, so look out for that! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!

News- 0:02:42

Books Part 1- 0:17:34

Sports Chat- 0:35:30

Books Part 2- 0:47:19

Pick of the Week- 1:03:00

Total- 1:10:09

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