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Episod 107: The Dark Divinity of Night Man’s Southern Wars Garage

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Episode 107 is here, folks! I got back into the swing of things, and this week feels more like "business as usual" even though it was recorded at the eleventh hour again (sorry about that- I am hoping for things to get better from here on out). My work situation has gotten a bit more hectic, and I am hoping that it won't negatively impact the podcast going forward, but life is what it is, so we will see. I got to review twelve books this week, plus news and sports, so it was a nice, full episode this week! Thanks, as always, for listening and enjoy!

Books reviewed- Dark Nights - Metal 1, Divinity 0, Generations All-New Wolverine and Wolverine, Gotham City Garage Chapter 001, Green Lanterns 29, Nightwing 27, Sandman Special, Sheena - Queen of the Jungle 0, Southern Bastards 17, Star Wars 34, Trinity 12 and Wonder Woman 28

News- 0:01:31

Books Part 1- 0:23:56

Sports Chat- 0:40:32

Books Part 2- 0:49: 39

Digital/Bonus Books- 1:10:22

Pick of the Week- 1:13:52

Total- 1:26:39

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