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Episode 106: BabyPool Manifests a Miracle of the Red Empire’s SuperBlood

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Episode 106 is here (a day later than I had planned- sorry about that...) and it's a quick one! I didn't get too deep into news bits, or the sports chat, and only had time this week to do my straight up eleven reviews, so it was a TIGHT 53 minute podcast this time around! The weekend caught up with me, working and getting things ready for Tiny Batman to start preschool this week. THEN on Monday, I had a full day of training for my new job during daytime hours, when I would usually be doing a combination of napping/podcasting, so that threw a wrench in the works. But, I buckled down and made it happen on Tuesday (the latest I ever want a podcast to go out) and it is ready for your ears!!! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 23, Babyteeth 3, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 3, The Flash 28, Manifest Destiny 30, Mister Miracle 1, Redlands 1, Secret Empire 8, Star Wars: Rogue One - Cassian/K2SO, Superwoman 13 and Youngblood 4.

News- 0:02:39

Books Part 1- 0:11:25

Sports Chat- 0:24:43

Books Part 2- 0:29:46

Pick of the Week- 0:44:30

Total- 0:52:48


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