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Episode 105: The ElseKon and the Grumpy Injection Special

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Episode 105 is up and running (a bit shorter this week than expected...) and ready to jump in your ears!!! It has been a bit hectic around BDCHQ adjusting to my new work/life balance, and top it all off with a busted bathroom sink- it's been a wild week. But, as I write this, things are moving forward on all fronts, and the future is looking bright! I am happy to be getting this episode out a bit behind schedule, but still farther ahead than I was last week- improvement is improvement, eh? So I have that to hang my hat on! Otherwise, it was a pretty straightforward week, nothing massive in the news or sports side of the podcast, and just the standard eleven books to review. Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy! 

Books reviewed: Elsewhere 1, Galaktikon 1, Generations: The Strongest, Green Lanterns 26, Grumpy Cat - Garfield 1, Injection 14, New Gods Special, Nightwing 26, Samaritan - Veritas 3, Spider-Man Deadpool 20 and The Walking Dead 170.

News- 0:01:43

Books Part 1- 0:12:08

Sports Chat- 0:28:09

Books Part 2- 0:36:51

Pick of the Week- 0:51:30

Total- 1:00:24



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