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Episode 103: SDCC '17 Wrap-Up

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Episode 103 is in the books (albeit later than even I assumed) and ready for you to enjoy with your ears, brains and hearts! SDCC was massive- the news section alone took up nearly half of this week's episode, and there was still TONS I didn't mention... Comic Con is always a busy time, so as a result, there was much less Sports Chat to be had this week- but, hopefully, next week things will return to normalcy (relatively, anyway...). I started my new job, so I am excited, but my schedule will be pretty hard to nail down over the comic weeks, because my work/sleep schedule now has to change rather drastically. I am still planning on getting this podcast up and out by Monday of each week, for at least the next several weeks, and after that, I will re-assess how I want this whole thing to go. But no major changes just YET, so enjoy this big episode of the podcast, running down SDCC news and twelve comic reviews!!!! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Across The Universe - KFC/DC Crossover Comic #3, Astonishing X-Men 1, Clue 2, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe - Again 2, Ducktales 0, Generation Gone 0, Green Lanterns 27, Nightwing 25, Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man 2, Secret Empire 6, Sisters of Sorrow 1 and Trinity 11.

News- 0:02:29

Books Part 1- 0:46:19

Sports Chat- 1:01:44

Books Part 2- 1:05:52

Digital/Bonus- 1:22:37

Pick of the Week- 1:26:28

Total- 1:34:37

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