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Episode 102: Dark Pods - The 'Casting

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Episode 102 is on the books! Get ready for a bunch of D23 news, a little in the way of Sports Chat and eleven books! This was a pretty straightforward week, and with SDCC just around the corner, things are going to get crazy!!!! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!!!!

Books reviewed: Dark Days - The Casting, Deadpool 33, The Flash 26, Old Man Logan 26, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 6, Skin and Earth 1, Spider-Men II 1, Superwoman 12, War for the Planet of the Apes 1, Wonder Woman 26 and Youngblood 3

News- 0:01:17

Books Part 1- 0:20:53

Sports Chat-0:32:52

Books Part 2- 0:38:43

Pick of the Week- 0:52:18

Total- 1:01:35

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