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Episode 101: Did't Lose A Hand to Fireworks, the Roadtrip and More

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Episode 101 is one for the books, as a wrap up a crazy week- I accepted a new job working overnights, one that should allow me more time to read/write/podcast prep; plus Sunday was a family road trip, where I got to check out a really cool collection of slabbed books AND spend the afternoon in the pool. Plus getting all the reading, writing and recording done for this week's podcast... yikes! Big things happened this week! Things shouldn't be changing around BDCHQ too much in the short term, because I am still hopeful that I can keep up my normal schedule (and add a few more written reviews in) with this new work situation. Episode 101 is back to business as usual, thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: All-New Wolverine 22, Babyteeth 2, The Beauty 16, Daredevil 23, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 1, Green Lanterns 26, Nightwing 24, Samaritan - Veritas 2, Spider-Man Deadpool 19, Star Wars 33 and The Walking Dead 169.

News- 0:02:55

Books Part 1- 0:15:06

Sports Chat- 0:31:49

Books Part 2- 0:41:52

Pick of the Week- 1:00:28

Total- 1:12:33

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