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Episode 100: Two Years In, and I STILL Don't Know What I'm Doing...

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Episode one hundred is here, after a week away from the mic- I was ready to get back to business! I put two weeks of books together, and a handful of news and sports tidbits. I was hoping that this episode would be recorded sooner, but the holiday weekend got away from me. I ended up carving out recording time on the fourth, which was nice- and i got a 97-minute podcast out of it! I reviewed twenty-one books, talked some news and sports, and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things with a normal sized episode next week (the week's books come out in less than 24 hours from this moment, so it's less of a break than I make it out to be). Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed:

6/21- Batman 25, Black Hammer 10, Crosswind 1, Daredevil 22, God Country 6, Green Lanterns 25, Nightwing 23, Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man 1, Trinity 10 and Weapons of Mutant Destruction 1.

6/28- Batman - Elmer Fudd Special, Black Magick 6, Cable 2, Clue 1, Deadpool vs Punisher 5, The Flash 25, Secret Empire 5, Star Wars - Droids Unplugged 1, Wonder Woman 25, X-O Manowar 4 and Here's Negan 15.

News- 0:02:42

Books Week 1- 0:24:53

Sports- 0:51:00

Books Week 2- 1:02:56

Total- 1:37:50

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