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Episode 098: BabyDevil LanternMagedon Injects the Outcast Devil Blood

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Episode ninety-eight is up and ready to get inside your head. I got this week's episode up and running at a good pace, and was excited to see it clock in at over 75 minutes! Next week should be another episode of business as usual, and then I'll be taking a week off before episode 100. So be aware thats coming, but then episode 100 will be a double-size anniversary special, so I hope that makes up for it! Thanks as alway, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Babyteeth 1, Batman 24, Daredevil 21, Green Lanterns 24, Gwar - Orgasmageddon 1, Injection 13, Nightwing 22, Outcast 28, Spider-Man Deadpool 18, The Walking Dead 168 and Youngblood 2.

News- 0:03:35

Books Part 1- 0:26:47

Sports Chat- 0:46:20

Books Part 2- 0:54:44

Pick of the Week-1:10:21

Total- 1:18:19

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