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Episode 097: CablePool Flashes Forever the Old, Secret Annuals

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Episode ninety-seven is up and ready to go into your ears! The week went off well, I am actually uploading this on Monday (a personal feat in my mind) and there was quite a bit of stuff to get through this week- some news, some sports and twelve books! I am keeping this pace up for two more weeks, then taking a week off, and doing a double-sized anniversary episode for number 100!!! It's been almost two years- can you believe it?!?! Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Cable 1, Deadpool 31, Deadpool vs Punisher 4, Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor 13, The Flash 23, Here's Negan Chapter 014, Kiss - Forever Special, Moon Knight 14, Old Man Logan 24, Secret Empire 3, Trinity Annual 1 and Wonder Woman Annual 1.

News- 0:02:11

Books Part 1- 0:16:36

Sports Chat- 0:35:16

Books Part 2- 0:44:06

Pick of the Week- 1:03:09

Total- 1:13:51

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