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Episode 096: The Archies Shadow Hammer Wonder-O-War

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Episode ninety-six is up and running (sorry for the delay- holiday weekends always mess with me). I got to twelve books this week, and quite a bit of news and sports. I am hoping that the next couple weeks go according to plan, and that we make our way to episode 100 without much drama. I do still think that taking the week off after episode ninety-nine is a good way to go, it will put episode 100 at the almost exact two year mark, which is pretty cool, eh? Anyway, here goes another Brightest Daycare Podcast- thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: The Archies One-Shot, Batman - The Shadow 2, The Beauty 15, Black Hammer 9, Doctor Who - Ghost Stories Chapter 008, I Am Groot 9, KISS 8, Rapture 1, Samaritan - Veritas 1, The Totally Awesome Hulk 19, Wonder Woman 23 and X-O Manowar 3

News- 0:02:32

Books Part 1- 0:12:20

Sports Chat- 0:27:16

Books Part 2- 0:37:01

Pick of the Week- 0:59:31

Total- 1:09:42


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