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Episode 095: The Button Finale -OR- BatDevil and the Doctor Lantern's Secret Broken Mirror

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Episode ninety-five is ready to roll, with twelve books, news and sports! It was a good week, for sports and news bits (some things Monday didn't make the cut, but such is life). I got quite a bit of sports to talk about and plenty more news bits than I expected coming into this week. I hope you enjoy the slow progression towards episode 100, which should be a nice big event (I may take off the week after 99 to let the milestone episode be a double-sized two week affair- but I haven't decided yet). Thanks as always, for listening, and enjoy!

Books reviewed: Batman 23, Birthright 24, Daredevil 20, Deadpool vs Punisher 3, Doctor Who - 12th Doctor Year Three 3, The Flash 22, Green Lanterns 23, Nightwing 21, Secret Empire 2, Spawn 25th Anniversary Directors Cut Issue 1, Star Trek - The Next Generation: Mirror Broken 1 and Star Wars 31.

News- 0:02:49

Books Part 1- 0:28:17

Sports Chat- 0:42:45

Books Part 2- 0:53:36

Pick of the Week- 1:12:48

Total- 1:23:29

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