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Episode 094: The One With the FCBD Burnout

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Episode ninety-four is up and running, and while I was running out of steam this last week- I was undeterred from putting out another full episode! I think between some busy times at home, Free Comic Book Day AND Mother's Day, I just ran out of steam this weekend, and felt the fatigue set in. I am still excited for next week's books- especially the finale of The Button, the second installment of Secret Empire and a new Star Trek: The Next Generation book kicks off, too! So, don't take my lethargy or unenthused manner for anything other than i need for more caffeine, and to not put off recording until Monday night... that was a bad idea... But the episode is up and ready, with eleven books, news and sports- PLUS a pair of shout-outs for a couple other podcasts that have seen fit to promote Brightest Daycare on their shows: Jake and Tom Conquer the World (@thedrunkendork on Twitter) and Brody's Kitchen (@brodyskitchen on Twitter) - these guys gave my little show a shout, so I felt the need to return the favor (probably MONTHS late for Jake and Tom... Sorry fellas!). Thanks for listening, and as always, enjoy!


Books reviewed: A.D. - After Death Book 3, All-New Wolverine 20, Bug - The Adventures of Forager 1, Deadpool 30, Invader Zim 19, Old Man Logan 23, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 4, Red Sonja - The Long Walk to Oblivion one-shot, Superwoman 10, Weapon X 3 and Wonder Woman 22.

News- 0:03:01

Books Pt1- 0:19:27

Sports Chat- 0:36:53

Books Pt2- 0:44:48

Pick of the Week-0:59:59

Total- 1:15:41


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