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Episode 092: Doctor Flash and the Weapon-o-War

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Episode ninety two is here, and it is ready to rock your world! I got twelve reviews out of this week, a handful of news bits, some sports chatting, and a few calls to action for all you listeners out there!!! If you want to see (that's right- with your eyes!!!) me do an unboxing of the (hopefully) soon-to-be released Brigade #1 Kickstarter comics package (that will hopefully be delivered by mid- to late-May) please let me know how you would most likely view said content: Youtube, Facebook, as a video on the site, etc. etc.) and I will do my best to get a video made and uploaded shortly after receiving my Kickstarter rewards. Also- if you don't follow me on twitter, you can do so @bdccomics, like my pages on Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ AND I now have merchandise for sale at Redbubble. Feel free to check it all out! Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!!!!

This week I reviewed twelve books: Batman - The Shadow 1, Clean Room 18, Deadpool vs The Punisher 2, Doctor Who 12th Doctor Year 3 #2, Doctor Who 9th Doctor 12, The Flash 21, Here's Negan Chapter 013, Magdalena 2, Old Man Logan 22, Weapon X 2, Wonder Woman 21 and XO Manowar 2.

News- 0:02:03

Books Pt1- 0:22:58

Sports Chat- 0:40:37

Books Pt2- 0:48:59

Pick of the Week- 1:13:26

Total- 1:26:48

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