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Episode 091: The Button Curse Injection Trinity

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Episode ninety-one is up and ready for your listening pleasure (yes, yes- I know it was a bit behind schedule AGAIN this week...). I was hoping for a big week in the news and sports categories, but nothing really earth shattering happened, so I covered what news and sports passed in front of my face as best as I could. It was a straightforward week in books, too- just eleven. Even through all of that, I still managed to cobble together an 80-minute podcast (and it's not just 65 minutes of silence, either!). Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!

Books reviewed: Batman 21, Black Hammer 8, Curse Words 4, Daredevil 19, Deadpool 29, Green Lanterns 21, Injection 12, Moon Knight 13, Nightwing 19, Superwoman 9 and Trinity 8.

News- 0:01:22

Books Pt1- 0:23:44

Sports Chat- 0:42:52

Books Pt2- 0:50:31

Pick of the Week- 1:08:51

Total- 1:22:54

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