Brightest Daycare

Episode 080: Briefest Daycare, for There's a Superb Owl to be Had!

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The Big Game is here, so to prepare for that, I went ahead and recorded a slimmed down episode of the podcast. Somehow, it still wound up just over an hour, even without going over ten books and combining news and sports into one nice little chunk (I hybridized the intro music- and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out). With this slim and trim format, I feel like I was able to still get a lot done reading wise, picking a nice spread of titles, plus rolling news and sports together allows me to get the non-comics stuff out of the way at the top of the program, so it's all downhill from there... This episode worked pretty well for me in the reading/prep work/recording side of things, so I think from now on, rather than take a whole week off, I will try and do a slightly condensed version, and give us all a bit of a break! Thanks, as always for listening, and enjoy!!!!

Books reviewed: A&A - The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong 12, Deadpool 26, Here's Negan Chapter 12, Old Man Logan 17, Planet of the Apes - Green Lantern 1, Star Wars 28, Vampirella 0 and The Walking Dead 163.

News & Sports- 0:03:11

Books- 0:21:28

Pick of the Week- 0:51:34

Total- 1:03:51

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