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Episode 060: Here's to Sixty More!!!!

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Episode Sixty is up and ready- hope you enjoy it! This was a more brief episode than the last few, but with the new format, and nothing too groundbreaking in comics news or sports, it was pretty straightforward this time around. I had a crazy busy week, and this upcoming week shows no signs of stopping, so we will see where things go from here! Books reviewed: 4001 A.D. 4, All-New Wolverine Annual 1, Army of Darkness: Ash for President one-shot, Art Ops 11, Cryptocracy 3, Deadpool v Gambit 4, Eden's Fall 1, Here's Negan Chapter 5, Howard the Duck 10, James Bond 9, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 6, Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens 2, Spider-Gwen 11, Suicide Squad - War Crimes Special, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe 1 and Thunderbolts 4.

News- 0:01:39

Books pt1- 0:17:43

Sports- 0:36:57

Books pt2- 0:47:39

Pick of the Week- 1:08:20

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