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Episode 063: NintenDON'T 63

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Episode Sixty-three is ready to go, a day late and a dollar short (I owe you that dollar, I don't have it on me, man...). I got into some news bits, and the sports stories of the week, plus 16 books for this episode, too! Thanks, as always, for checking out the show, and enjoy! Books reviewed: Batman 7, Black Hammer 3, Britannia 1, Civil War II 5, Cyborg 1, Deadpool Too Soon Infinite Comic Chapter 6, Deadpool v Gambit 5, Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor 5, Empress 6, Manifest Destiny 23, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 7, Nightwing 5, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat 10, Raven 1, Trinity 1 and Vision 11.

News- 0:01:47

Books- 0:16:14

Sports- 0:41:23

Books Pt2- 0:52:45

Pick of the Week: 1:13:20

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