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Episode 061: Fun on a Bun, on the Run- Sixty-One!!!

Ryan ClarkComment

Episode Sixty-One is ready and waiting- so get up on this! I talk comics, news and sports, and wrap it all up in just over 75 minutes! Books reviewed: A Year of Marvels- September Infinite Comic, A&A - The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong 7, The Beauty 10, Cyborg Rebirth, Daredevil 11, Jughead 9, Kill or Be Killed 2, Life with Kevin 2, Mercury Heat 11, Moon Knight 6, Nightwing 4, Nowhere Men 11, The Sheriff of Babylon 10, Silk 12, Skybourne 1, Supergirl 1 and The Walking Dead 158. 

news- 0:01:41

books pt1- 0:14:07

sports chat- 0:34:57

books pt2- 0:45:16

bonus books- 1:06:25

pick of the week- 1:11:25

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